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The Fractured State of Christianity:

Virtually all Christian churches and denominations teach and defend their own fixed belief system which they claim is "biblical." This would be fine if there was one monolithic version of Christianity which faithfully represented the pristine teachings and practice of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. But there are a plethora of competing doctrines, many on very fundamental issues. What makes any particular church the TRUE representative of Christianity at the expense of all other churches? Those who think they have all the truth no longer pursue TRUTH.

Pseudo-Unity, the Modern Panacea:

In modern times, "Seeker Friendly" churches appeal to people's comfort, teaching "self-help" and prosperity messages which are allegedly based on "biblical principles" and "formulas" geared towards developing a comfortable life in this age. They typically downplay biblical standards and the importance of TRUTH itself. They instead focus on unity around the lowest common denominator. Yet, since Jesus said, "you shall know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall make you free," abandoning the pursuit of TRUTH means abandoning the means of true freedom in Jesus Christ.

The Biblical Solution:

TRUTH can only be found when we are entirely objective. And real objectivity demands HUMILITY! That means questioning everything we have been taught from the various Christian denominations, and digging deeply into the Scriptures (including the original languages) and Christian history with open minds. We must "Test all things; hold fast what is good." (1 Thess. 5:21). We must strenuously defend the OBJECTIVITY of the discovery process, using the same kinds of objective discovery and testing principles used in science, criminal investigations, and the courtroom.

Our Journey:

Jesus said that the path to destruction is broad and easy, but the path to life is a very difficult. We have been on a journey of discovery, seeking the TRUTH at all costs. We have sought to staunchly defend objectivity in our search for TRUTH. This has led us on a very humbling trek. Over the years, through intensive study, we have been forced to change our doctrinal positions (and practices) on some major issues, including eschatology, the meaning of baptism, the meaning of election, the nature of God, the nature of man, death, the destiny of the righteous and the wicked, and even the what "Church" actually is!

If you are fed up with the corporate Church, and are serious about Christian living based on genuile understanding of God and His Word, preparing yourself and your family to overcome in the end times, you are welcome to study with others who have come to the same conclusions and who want to get back to what Christianity looked like in the first century.
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