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Latest Teaching Series:

Starting Fresh in 2018

Pastor Steven Noseworthy discusses new beginnings.

Epic Fails of the Modern Church

Pastor Steven Noseworthy gives some thoughtful insight into the failures of modern Christianity.

The Narrow Path

Pastor Steven Noseworthy teaches on the difficulties and rewards of continuing to walk the difficult path after entering the narrow gate.

"Why ...?"

Pastor Steven Noseworthy answers several "why" questions concerning God's dealings with Israel and with us.

Topical Teaching:

Topical Teaching by Speaker: Steven Noseworthy | Walter Diaz | Samori Dobson

Expository Teaching Verse by Verse

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General Epistles:
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The 10 Commandments of Jesus
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The Mind of Christ
The Value of One Soul | Sin | The Jews | A Servant's Heart |

The Church
The Church of Who? | The Character of the Church | The Mission of the Church | The Essential Unity of the Church | Building Up the Body of Christ | The Temple of the Spirit | A Successful Church | Lukewarm | Follow Me, & I will make You Fishers of Men | His Wife has made Herself Ready

Last Days Survival Gear
Introduction | Jesus' Presence in the Storm | "On a Wing and a Prayer" | Asset Management for the Last Days | The "Armor of God" for "the Evil Day" | An Abundant Entrance into the Kingdom | "Remember Lot's Wife!"

Misc Topical Sermons
Faithfulness in Times of Change: Audio | Video
Sacred Cows & Pulling Weeds: Video
My Presence will go with You: Audio | Video
Gospel According to Titus - Part I
Gospel According to Titus - Part II
Tip or Tithe?
King or Criminal?
Resisting Entropy
What's in a Name?
Bring Only What You Can Carry to the Top